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my hs friends are sweet.. even though it takes us a while to get together, it’s nice that i still have friends who i spent so much time with in hs..

since i won’t be coming to sj this weekend, i thought it would be a good opportunity to see cecilia, susie, and maryann.. esp since they always make me feel so guilty about not being able to make their get-togethers.. so i called cecilia last night and chatted a bit.. to my surprise, i open my hotmail inbox and see at least 12 email back and forth about what the plans are.. how sweet..

and at the bottom, i saw this.. it made me smile..
how about next weekend (saturday night? over to sunday day?…because the last weekend in january is chinese new years… let me know what you think… all we have to do is to put a stamp on stephanie and ship her up here….what is the probability that she will come?

and then a response of..
i think next weekend should be good!  i have no idea about stephanie…i haven’t spoken to her in a long time…i haven’t been too good with keeping in touch this past year…i have to do better…where is she now??  How much do you think the stamp will cost to ship her to the city?? =)

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  • depends if you want to priority mail her…i know express mail would be 11$ … hahahah

  • hahaha

  • very cold steff… brrrrr….. very cold in ct….. brrrr…

  • how you doin tepan? are you gonna be home this weekend?

  • chesa.. $11 is cheap.. how much do you think to mail me to toronto?

    bernard.. definitely.. i’ve taken to wearing 3 layers and doubling up on my comforter.. and each morning, it takes me an additional 10 minutes to clear off my car to drive to work.. i’m looking forward to spring..

    lei.. doing pretty good.. of course i’ll be home this weekend.. reen would kill me if i didn’t make it to her shindig.. i’ll see you there..

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