October 18th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   5 Comments

its friday morning..  and yes..   slept late last night..   working on some customer issue..   i had to copy the world on the note to tell them what i wanted/needed them to do to get their system bck running..  but i get a response saying they cannot do it..  their reason??   because our system cannot run that way..  so my answer is..  why did you set it up that way then?   their answer is..  because its the best way to run..  my answer is..  its useless if you cannot use that functionality tho..  they answer you sure?  i said..  you bet your bottom dollar..  they said how many bottoms do you have?  I said we need to get scenario straighten out..  they said..  Oh oh!!  can I play the rascally rabbit named Bugs?  I said huh?  and they said..  and you can be the dog that foghorn leghorn smacks in the butt witha stick?  I said ..  back to the matters at hand..   if you do not do the steps outline..  we’re prolonging an issue that should not be prolonged.   they said..  awww..  why talk about work when you can chat about role playing..  getting in a costume for halloween.

i finally said..  am I the only one sane in this conversation?  has everyone gone kookoo for coco puffs?   am i on mars?   and am I talking with a bunch of psychopaths?  does everyone just want to waste time so they can get OT or something?  

they said..  sorry..  and we got off the phone..   moments later..  i get a note that was copied to my manager..  saying i wasn’t helpful.  

has the world gone thru the toilet as a cleansing?   that something to think about..  maybe i should be an kindergarten teacher..  at least the kids make more sense..   its either “me got to go pottie.”  or “what’s for snack time?”   look how easy that is.  a career change??  sounds good. =)   who needs a teacher that knows a lot about enterprise computer servers?

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  • LOLS. hahah…really sam. your mind is like a computer who spits out commercialized ads… truly, the allusions add a kick to your stories hahahah…

    about the teacher part…i don’t know too many schools who needs a teacher like that, except for the School for Elite Geeks and Nerds.

  • how come i didn’t see any references to the “guy” who can really get things done?!?

    DUCK DODGERS in the 24th and a HALF CENTURY!

    oh well, if it comes to that, i guess he can’t handle a gazillion Marvin’s … oh yeah .. maybe porky can.

    lesson: sam, whenever that problem crops up again … go get lechon!

  • chesa..  =)   yes..    i hate being oncall..  when i am not really oncall.

    perze..   yes..   duck dodger..  i remember that too.. hehehe =)

  • sam, you really make your entries interesting..

  • steph..   interesting??  in other words..  you read half way..   you sure you’re not trying to tell me to write less? =)

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