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saturday morning..   and i see more grey weather..  ugh..   it makes you feel very gloomy…   so what’s there to do in Dallas?   Dave and I..  (dave’s the co-worker that is attending the conference as I am)..  want to get tickets to the Dallas Mavericks game..  and its sold out..  well..  the seats we wanted here..  there is no way i am spending $400 on tickets..  to sniff basketball bum.

so here is the dilemma..  my friend Dave loves basketball..  he wants to go to a bar (which is located at the bottom of the hotel)..  to watch the game..  that’s fine… its a pre-season game between the Milwaukee Bucks..   I, however, want to watch Game 1 of the World Series..   i weigh it this way..   world series is the finals..  the championship..   pre-season doesn’t mean anything..  I have never seen a team win a championship ring for being first in the pre-season.   so i was thinking of sitting in the hotel and catching the game.   that sounds alright, doesn’t it?

oh..  gotta tell you this..   yesterday..  i wrote that long winded conversation with a customer..   well..   at about 5pm..  they finally did the test I wanted them to do..   and it was successful..  which tells me that the product is working as designed..  in other words..  their home made scripts fouled things up.   I relayed this message to them..  saying they need to fix the script…  but what they really should do is fix their application to work with a product we sell that does exactly what they want from those scripts.   the customer’s response was..  we never knew you had this product..   I said .. i sent an e-mail to you guys 5 months ago about this product..  they siad they never receive the message..  then i said..  i will re-send the message that i sent 5 months ago to you that states this..  the customer was flatly lying through his teeth .. because he’ll get in big trouble from his manager..   and i know his manager..  the manager is very lethal..  i heard he chopped off one of the sys admin’s fingers because they typed the wrong commands in..   may be urban legends..  but the customer i was talking to was very nervous now.  i said..  “let me do you a favor..  i will talk to your manager.. and tell him that you totally screwed up.. but not thru typing but thru listening to me..  so all he’ll do is hack off your ears.”   the customer began to cry..   i said don;t cry..  perhaps we can fix the scripts.. he said..  can you?   can you do me that big favor and fix the script and say it was a scripting error on your behalf?   I said you want me to fix the script.. and say that it was my fault that i goofed up this script that you guys tried to write?  he said please?  I said..  with sprinkles on top?  he said yes..  sprinkles!  I said..  sprinkles with smarties (i was thinking of stephanie at the time.)..  he said indeed!!  we are a grocery store and we can give you huge discounts on this stuff.. I said what about a turkey for christmas?  he said no problem!   I said “hmmmm..  let me think about it..   no.”   he said “why not?!” an angry voice..  i said.. “i don’t like turkey..  i prefer ham.”   he said..  I can give you ham too!  .. I said “that changes everything then..   let me think ..  hmmm… no.”..  he said..  “why??  what would you like??  I can give you anything!”..  i just broke out and said..  “You’re the devil!  you cannot tempt me! and now i will tell your manager that you tried to buy me off with lavish gifts!”   he said ..  no..  please don’t..   at this point.. I had enough of this charade..  so I just said..  “my people will contact your people..  good bye.”  and hung up.  what an eventful day..   i got to poke fun at a grown adult and made him cry like a 3 year old. =) 

hmm..  i am hungry now..  had tex mex yesterday..  lets just say..  avoid eating burritos..  whatever they add to it..  you;ll need peptobismal.

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  • you turned down offers of smarties? sam!! you know i love those! hahaha.. so you had a good start of the day.. made fun of a customer and the baseball game to look forward to.. nice saturday.. but too bad about the tickets.. that would’ve been nice to go to..

  • man, you are good sam. i would have gotten weak if he tempted me with coffee…maybe that’s why i can’t do what you do…

    altho, my sister would have LOVED a huge personal recording studio…why didn’t you think of that huh? gee sam.

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