Feb 12

February 12th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   5 Comments

to aia.. happy birthday.. i can’t believe you’re now a teen.. i still remember you posing as a model when you were small.. enjoy your day..

it’s been a while since i blogged.. busy w/work and not very motivated to sit and write about the other minor going-ons in my life.. but happy belated to my friend cecilia.. it’s funny how in hs, we always said we’d go to paris when we’re all 25.. thinking it was so far away.. and now she’s 25.. and soon, i’m next.. how funny..

anyway, that’s it for now.. back to work.. but i am definitely looking forward to the long weekend.. we actually get it off.. AMAZING.. so i guess i’ll see everyone this weekend.. and if i don’t get back to blog until next week.. happy valentine’s..

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  • long weekend? i have classes.

  • happy valentine’s day steph!!

  • nice pic…

  • hi steph! how was the weekend?… mine was full of studying.. yikes!.. and well, managed to squeeze some fun things to do here and there.. hehehe.. belated happy vday nga pala

  • hey!!..This is Jarid…what u been up to?…How were ur past couple of snow days…mines were okay!..jus playing around in the snow alot!..hehe

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