October 20th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

well..  my last night in Dallas..  tomorrow i fly back to Toronto. =)   I will be happy to get back into the city..  first ..  i  will be busy at work no doubt.

i went to a hobby shop today with Dave.. and we saw a few rockets that I wanted to buy..   I am in the radio control mood these days..  and I was looking into building an helicopter..  the Apache AH-64D..  which i would like to make from scratch..  the engine and stuff i would have to get at a hobbie store..  but i am doing some research on the missiles and stuff.

we also watched the movie Formula51.. with Samuel L Jackson..  it was a funny movie..  =)   a bit too much swearing..  but what do you expect from the movies of today?  Its all swearing.

I will keep this post short.. as i have to go to bed soon..  i got an early flight..  pray for a safe flight.  thanks!

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  • take care sam. we’ll see you on xanga tomorrow 🙂

  • sam, now you are back in toronto and no more posting, eh?  does that mean you only post when you’re bored?  but what will we do w/o your comments?

  • yes..  back to Toronto..  back to the morning grind..  back to getting useless questions from useless people.   like our good friend with the bugs bunny fetish..    ..  they want an answer immediately..  oh..  i had the answer for them 5 months ago..  and they bugged daily.   back to work. =)

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