October 22nd, 2002   Sam   Xanga   4 Comments

got into work today..    immediately got voice mail to do three things at once..   not to mention..  all three were for three different people..   and three different highly critical situations..   on the lighter side..   I am writing a xanga entry instead while i settle in. =)

If anyone knows how to build model helicopters (the radio control ones)..  let me know..  some are a bit more complex than others.

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  • model helicopters??? does it have to look and act like one? if not, ooo ooo…i do!

  • sam.. you and your helicopter.. i don’t know.. i may think it’s more important to you than i am.. oh great! replaced by an inanimate object..

  • you need a picture

  • chesa..  you act like an helicopter?  this I have to see..  =)  

    steph..   inanimated??   no.. it moves..   did i tell you it will even fire missiles and rockets?   you are not replaced..   but if you ever learn how to fly one of these helicopters..  man..  =)  upgraded!

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