October 23rd, 2002   Sam   Xanga   3 Comments

Well well well..   after the worldwind of notes that I sent to the customer and mgmt here..   regarding that whole issue that I worked on in Dallas..   the bottomline is that the customer’s scripts is the culprit.. and we do not review these scripts without charging a fee..   my goodness..  the customer claims that we wrote them..   i spoke to the guy who everyone believed to have wrote it.. and he said he’s never heard of such thing..   so we have a script that doesn’t work and no one wants to take ownership.

no problems..   either way i made a suggestion to fix their issue..  but unfortunately it costs money..  because they have been getting buy with free stuff already..   its sort of like how Xanga nags you to buy the premium access..   howerver, I am nagging this customer to buy something that will work.

so i wrote this nice note.. and to answer their question ..  “do you have something that you will support and will work for me?  aside from the suggestion you already made 5 months ago because we like to bug you some more about role playing as Looney Toon characters?”

I said I had more ideas for you..   first you can go bankrupt..  and everyone will be happy..  2ndly.. i said they can pretend the problem never happens…  3rdly..  they can hire a gypsy to predict future failures and they can sleep over night to prevent them.

…. ACK!!!   have to cut this short.. my manager just stepped up behind me and started to read this..  =)   everything is peachy..  every thing is super..   who’s logging in to my xanga?  =)

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  • LOLS hahahahah! sam, just tell your boss that you have a special case with your fingers…they have a personality all of their own and you’ve tried getting medication for it, but it costs an arm and leg and you can’t spare those two things cuz my sister would kill you…instead, you just accept you have crazy fingers.

  • i think the third is most cost effective.. go w/the gypsy!!

  • LOL sam… hahahha…

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