February 24th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   9 Comments

hugging bearsanother monday.. how the weekend flies.. happy birthday to sam’s niece amelia.. she turns 2 today..

i spent the weekend relaxing.. friday i watched my big fat greek wedding.. which was pretty amusing.. you can easily modify it to relate it to filipinos.. with all the family and food.. and i [finally] updated my profile pic..

saturday, i woke up to my usual alarm, sam :).. watched some cartoons, had a nice chat w/chesa, and then went shopping [the usual rainy day activity].. sunday, i ended up just reading [yes, i’m reverting to my geeky ways], testing some html code, and having a cooking experiment [i’m trying to be more domestic]..

now, trying to catch up on work.. i’m such a procrastinator.. and it’ll be the close again next week.. i need a rewind button.. or maybe a fastforward..

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  • i love ur pix tepan…. yeah i saw that movie, too…it’s cute. have a good week. when ur gonna be home?

  • hahahah…”domestic”

  • hey lei.. thanks not sure when i’ll be home.. i’m trying to conserve my mileage and make escaflowne last longer..

  • hahaha steph…practicing?

  • eww.. you guys are supposed to support my domestic tendencies.. i can’t live off of bk and mcd’s only, you know..

  • awe.. i luv that movie.. yeah itz kinda lyk the filipinos.. except for the roast lamb thing.. we have “lechon” instead…

  • letting you know I was here…

  • hey steph! how r ya?! when are you coming home?

  • hi steph…i’ve been meaning to call you just to chat…but no time.    After Friday I’ll be good.  When are you going home?

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