October 29th, 2002   Sam   Xanga   7 Comments

another tuesday..  another work day..    ugh. =)

did everyone remember to change their clocks??   my goodness..   this daylight saving time thing is very annoying..  my internal clock is all messed up… i’ve been waking up at 6:30am..   because my normal 7:30 time is all messed.

however..  i do want to tell you that my niece came knocking on my door this morning..  and insisted that she is the queen of the world and proceeded to go thru my stuff..   she then saw a picture of Stephanie..  and said that steph was her friend..  and said hello to the picture..  my niece (Amelia)..  asked me to call up steph and we did.. and amelia said hello to her..  but that was it.. because amelia was distracted by my thinkpad.

she took my badge from work and said that she is now an employee of the same company i work at.  she has so much energy..  and she’s just 20 months old.  Her mom (my sister) said that for halloween, she is going to dress amelia up as a fairy..   and amelia and i both know she much rather go as yoda.  when steph was visiting ..  amelia always wanted to watch star wars..  and it had to be the scene where darth maul shows up at the hanger…  for a kid.. she has showed no fear in any movie i have shown her..  she prefers to watch godzilla over monsters inc.  

oh..   friday i got my RS/6000 home with me..  its a 43P-140 workstation..  its not bad..   the security guard stopped me and said i was stealing equipment and i told him to get back to his breakfast donut.   anyhow..   spoke to my manager.. that if he was to get any notes from security.. to let me know.

anyhow..  back to work..  i have some more yelling to do. =)

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  • i can’t imagine you “yelling” sam. it’s like asking mother teresa to stone stephen to death. just can’t quite picture it. Hope you have a better day than mine.

  • Hi Perze..   you reply quick..   2 eProps for you..  gives me something to read. =)

    you never seen me yell??   Gosh..  you haven’t been around me enough.. =)  ask steph about my calls to Sprint..    have you ever seen a grown man cry because a hard drive was just not the right colour?  =)   You can mention the name Peter Tanos to steph and she’ll know who the guy is. =)

  • the hard drive was not the right colour? you’re crazy sam.

  • sam you are so funny.. i love how you displace your desires onto Amelia!!  calling steph, wanting to dress like yoda, working…hahahah


    ps- perze, you can’t imagine sam not yelling?  are ya kiddin?  it ain’t hard at all!

  • chesa..   i am not displacing my desires onto amelia..  I asked..  you like fairy or yoda.. and she goes yoda.. he even does this skipping motion to show me that she knows how to skip.

    Ask your sis..   when she was over..   Amelia always said to her to turn on the dvd player to watch star wars. =)

    i did not yell at anyone so far today..  just my friend Stella.

  • STELLA!!!!

  • sam’s right.. amelia loved episode one.. well, the fight scene with darth maul anyway.. she’d probably love to go as him instead of yoda..

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