march 6 update

March 6th, 2003   Stephanie   Xanga   7 Comments

it’s thursday .. one more day til the weekend.. :] i’m planning to be home this weekend.. but not sure what time i’ll arrive in sj since i have a review tomorrow at 7:30pm.. so we’ll see.. but at least there won’t be too much traffic on the way down.. i woke up this morning, and it took me an extra 20 mins to get to work today.. 5 for the snow that had accumulated on escaflowne, 5 for feeding escaflowne, and 10 because i missed my exit and had to turn around [i hate driving in snow ].. so i’ve been lax w/ xanga [the usual, right] but i’ve been working on my webpage [not aa].. just trying some new stuff.. looking at codes.. but i realized i need to learn so much stuff!! makes me long for school .. at least then you were forced to.. now, it’s all on me..

as for work .. lots of changes going on in my dept.. a new team lead since the previous one got a new position in finance.. our 2nd line manager is leaving end of next week.. and a coworker is leaving to go to another company.. so these days, there are a lot of discussions about what the future may hold for our dept and ourselves.. sometimes i really dread change.. but then i guess that’s expected ..

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  • u have a aa page…

    i luv aa…

    my aa  tag visual-artist…

  • i hate changes, too

  • awe te, don’t worry, every time there’s change in you life, it seems pretty good.

  • tepan,  the only change that’s necessary for you is  your hair…


  • ha ha ha jake. jake, have u seen your hair lately? u shouldnt talk u know.

  • ya. jake. the only you SHOULD change is your hair… –wn —re….hahahahahhahaha

  • eww jake.. i think you’re too concerned w/your hair..

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