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I cannot wait until I get to leave this job I have.   Today, my manager again did not back me up at a meeting.  One person indicated that she never received my project plan.  I sent it to 9 people.. and all 9 people were in agreement that I did not send it out.  So I guessed I may have messed up my e-mail.   These people then proceeded to get angry with me for not staying on top of my project plan.

After the meeting I check my e-mail sentbox and i noticed that on Jan 4th, I did send out the project plan..   in fact..  8 of the 9 people even read my mail.

Since I am no push over for people accusing me of not doing my job..  I opened a critical helpdesk ticket item to resolve my broken e-mail program..  it is falsely telling me that my mail is being delivered.   In fact, 8 of the 9 receipients even read my note but claimed they did not see it today.  I copied my manager (who was one of the ones that claimed they never got the note) and my director (my boss’s boss)..   I wanted to make sure my director was aware of what was going on..  the helpdesk people stated that it was read if the e-mail indicates it..  I said it can’t be as 8 of the 9 people all had the same problem.  I said..  1 or 2 people..  i would say that they are not checking their e-mail and paying attention..  but 8 of the 9 people on the list.. and with such an important project..  i am seriously in doubt that 8 of the 9 people are slacking off.  

I left the message like that..   then my manager told me to cool it down ..  I said I had 9 people just tell me the project is a mess..  i want things fixed.  Then my manager admitted to me that he did read the note.. and I said.. “then you have to stick up for me, instead of wondering why people call you a siamese twin..   its because your face looks like your butt!”

then after the meeting..  my boss calls me at about 4pm..  saying he needs to see a presentation from me done for tomorrow (friday)..  this presentation is for him to demo to people..  I said..  why can’t you do it?  he said because you will do this presentation for me.  I said i will do it..   so i ensured I did the presentation as good as i could..   but with as little detail on what he will be able to describe what i wrote.

alright..  2am..  i have to wake up at 6am and get ready for work..   not to mention i can’t work from home anymore..  because my boss thinks that i do more work at work than at home..  I said at work..  i spend the 8 hour trying to avoid my manager..  at home i spend 8 hours working.

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  • i hope you find a new job ksam. that would upset me too, and not just upset and on the top of my lungs and pms upset…

  • ew ksam.. i want you to leave too. jerkfaces need bullets in their guts.
    anywho, your lilypie counter says only 2 days to go!!! YEAHHHH!

  • jerks.

  • i would smear patients’ poop on them. if i ever see them. that’s messed.

  • Congrats on the bundle of joy. Bill asks if he is already taller than you.

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