I blame Marchesa!

May 15th, 2007   Sam   Xanga   6 Comments

my son can’t stop saying ..  “Uh oh.. ”  over everything..   he didn’t even do anything bad.. he’ll just say it.    We’re playing with his toys.. and he just says.. “Uh oh..”     we are running around the apartment.. and he’s going.. “uh oh.”

Marchesa was the one that taught him that word..  and now he thinks he’s the smartest little baby with his short stack of words..    even jeopardy isn’t the same.. 
Every answer is “Uh oh.”   what’s going on?  =)    When watching sports highlights..   a race car smashes into another..  “uh oh.”   

this silly little baby boy turns 16 months this thursday.

Just a pic of my boy at the toys r us in NYC.

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  • hahahahahaha he’s funny. way to go ate marchesa. way to go…

  • that word will be the greatest excuse word he will ever learn. he will one day thank me for getting him out of trouble.

  • ps- teach him to use uh-oh after he poops…hahahahahah

  • haha he’s so cute!

  • he’s getting sooooo big now!…..

  • hi sam!.. i know it’s a day late but still wanted to say happy father’s day!.. hope you enjoyed your weekend!! God bless =)

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