Red Sox sweep Rockies to win World Series!

October 29th, 2007   Sam   Sports & Rec, Xanga   No Comments

As you all may know, I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan.. and ever since the great run of 1986 where Boggs batted .357 and Clemens went 14-2 before the all star break, I was hooked. Little did I know the deep history of the Red Sox and their heartbreaking past. 1946’s and 1967’s series loss to the Cardinals, 1975’s loss to the Reds and more recently, the sad 2003 ALCS loss at the hands of the dreaded Yankees after leading game 7 going into the 7th inning, only to lose it on an Aaron Boone home run. *sigh*. But that was then.. That was when Boston had its rich history of losing when it counted. 2004 brought many highs, with the addition to getting married, the Red Sox were able to buck the 86 year old monkey off their backs and become champs for the first time since the days of Babe Ruth.

When the 2007 season kicked off, with the signing of Japanese sensation, Daisuke Matsuzaka, I was pleasantly surprised that most of the holes exposed in 2005/2006 were filled or at least better. Mike Lowell’s steady play at 3rd base would make us forget Bill Mueller (though I was glad Lowell proved me wrong on how well he did offensively). Dustin Pedroia was an invaluable rookie to play 2nd base. The regular season provided many highs (sweeping the Yankees in the early part of the season) and many lows (losing the divisional lead that was once 14 games). However, the Red Sox were able to hold off any “collapse” and clinched their first divisional title since 1995.

The divisional series began with the Red Sox facing a pretty powerful Los Angeles Angels team. However watching this series.. it really made you see how inferior the Angels were when stacked up against a healthy Red Sox team. The ALCS looked to be more of a challenge when the Indians jumped to a huge 3-1 series lead. Being down in the ALCS wasn’t new to the Boston fans, but this time there was no bloody sock to rally behind. The team just seemed to take their “one game at a time” mentally and was able to silent the Indian offense and outscore them 30-5 over the final three games.

With momentum on the Red Sox side, the hot Rockies team wasn’t able to stop the Sox and unable to mount any type of offensive of their own.

I really got to enjoy this year’s World Series victory. I got to watch all 4 games in its entirety and not be called in to work, and was able to be with my family for part of it.. and return to New York and spend the last two games with Steph and little Hongs.

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