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February 20th, 2011   Stephanie   Noteworthy   No Comments

After years and years of staying with Hotmail, I finally gave in and moved over to Gmail. There were a couple of reasons for me resisting for so long 1) couldn’t find a username that I could commit to and 2) I was worried about all my old mail. Yes, I knew there were supposed ways to copy them over, but I just never really felt a true need to do it. However, I know a lot of people who had their Hotmail accounts hacked into and all their contacts and mail deleted so I relented and said goodbye to Hotmail.

Here are the steps that I followed to ensure my mail followed me to my new account:

  • Go to Options and choose “Mail Accounts”
  • Under “Accounts and Import” tab, go to Import mail and contacts section and hit “Import from another account” button. You’ll be asked for the account and password, and then to select the import options for the account. **Note** You should add a label to the imported mail so you can later check whether all your mail was imported correctly. Hit “Start import” button. Once complete, you’ll see “Imported successfully” in the “Accounts and Import” tab.

Pretty simple, eh? Ideally, yes. However, when I did a tieout [yes, I am that particular, esp. since I’ve had this account since my single days] I found I had some missing mail. Part of it was because my “Conversation View” was on so it combined some of my messages. However, there really were messages as well as my sent mail missing so I had to delete the mail and reimport.

Here’s the step for getting sent mail:

  • The import doesn’t retrieve sent mail, so if you want them, BEFORE you import, go to your old email account and move all your sent mail into a new folder. This will trick Gmail into grabbing them as well, and they will still show up in Sent Mail in Gmail.

As a side note, I’m having my Hotmail messages forwarded to Gmail now and am in the process of updating all my accounts/subscriptions with my new email. I never realized how much I subscribe to! However, I found it good to use labels; mail sent to my Hotmail email are labeled so I can easily see what mail is still being sent to Hotmail. Now, I just have to get used to my new account. I like some of its features, but I miss my preview feature.

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