Weekend in Ottawa

April 30th, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   2 Comments

This past weekend, we visited Sam’s sister June in Ottawa. We were only able to stay for the weekend, but we had a nice time regardless. June showed us around downtown Ottawa which is basically right outside her door and it reminded me of how I sometimes miss living in the city since it offers so much accessibility and convenience. We walked around City Hall, the Rideau Centre, the ByWard Market, and Parliament Hill. Parliament Hill really impressed me since the buildings are gothic and are very different from the modern buildings in Washington DC.

On a side note, while at the ByWard Market, we stopped at Le Moulin de Provence bakery for Obama cookies. Obama cookies are really Canada cookies: maple-leaf-shaped sugar cookies with red and white icing and the word “Canada” written on them. However, I guess they were renamed to Obama cookies since Obama was the one who popularized them when he purchased them from that bakery. They were a bit pricey for what basically amounts to a sugar cookie, but it’s not every day we can claim to have eaten the the same thing from the same place as our president.

I must admit that trips to Canada are sometimes a little difficult when traveling with an infant, but it was definitely worth it. We really enjoyed seeing June again as it’s been a while since we’ve seen her and it was nice getting to know her a bit more. I know the kids also enjoyed spending time with their Yee Gu Ma and Seph especially enjoyed her soup :]

Thanks June for having us over. I’m sure the place seemed really quiet after we left but I bet your neighbors were relieved. Hopefully we get to see you again soon.

Click here for the album of our trip.

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  • i hope you guys had fun. i enjoyed the company. too bad the visit was so short. i appreciate that you made the long drive up to see me.

    i miss the kids already. 🙁

  • Gotta love them shoes … I mean, leotards on Sienna!!!

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