Valentine’s day

February 17th, 2012   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

The very first gift Sam ever got me were roses for our first Valentine’s Day together. Years later, he still loves to surprise me with flowers.. sometimes for big occasions and sometimes just because. And each time, I’m touched by his thoughtfulness.

This Valentine’s day, I was surprised when a delivery man rang the doorbell. Our conversation went like this..

Delivery man: Are you Stephanie?
Me: Yes.
Delivery man: Sexy Stephanie?
Me: Uh? *lightbulb goes off* Yes..

Sam apparently had the bright idea to address it to Sexy Stephanie The Best Mom. At this point, I’m slightly embarrassed and while I try to explain about my silly husband, Sam is silently laughing in the background. I’m sure the delivery man found the whole thing funny.. he told me he didn’t want to assume that I was Sexy Stephanie. But in hindsight, shouldn’t it have been obvious? Hahaha..

Anyway, here is the note that came with the flowers.. I love that it captures the kids so eloquently ^_^

To the best wife and mom
Dad – I love you!
Hong – Thanks for loving me.
Seph – Choo choo train.. One way ticket!
Mui – Stinky feet.. Yook Mama!
Lots of love from all of us..

Thanks, Sam.. for another Valentine’s together and especially for loving me. I love you lots!!!

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