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February 6th, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   2 Comments

Getting passports for our family has been steadily moving up on our to-do list since we’re planning a trip to Canada in a few months. Last week, we all got our pictures taken and overall, it went pretty smoothly. Hong was a pro at his turn, keeping his eyes on the camera, and Seph needed only a little prodding. Mui Mui only needed Sam, the camera woman, and me making funny faces and sounds behind to get her to look at the camera. The whole event took about 18 minutes but getting ready for it took 30 minutes since I don’t like having long term ids with bad pictures. The pictures turned out pretty good |esp the kids’|, but there’s got to be a way we can do it ourselves at home.

Then this week was spent making sure our applications were filled out and all our documentation ready. In our family, I’m keeper of vital documents and I’m pretty organized so this wasn’t too difficult, but getting Sienna’s birth certificate was more complicated than I thought. With Hong and Seph, they automatically emailed us their birth certificates so it was an unwelcome surprise that we actually had to request Sienna’s. When we did request it, we found out that there was a typographical error on her birth certificate so I had to drive up with documentation to get it corrected. When I got there, I was faced with unhappy workers who didn’t seem to want to help. Ah well, at least I was able to go home with her birth certificate that day, which was really a blessing since it enabled us to get all of our passport applications done instead of having to do a separate appointment for Sienna. Four hundred something dollars later, we’re all set; now we just have to wait for them to get processed and mailed back to us. Whoo hoo.. one big thing to cross off my to-do list.

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  • Love that picture of Sienna!! Her cheeks all puffed out and serious…probably wondering why you are making faces…and why daddy has to hold her in that position. : )

  • Daiga, I’m actually the one holding Sienna in the picture. Great, now I’m going to have a complex about having man hands.. hahahaha.. :]

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