Ottawa + Markham trip

July 8th, 2011   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

This past week, we were up in Canada – spending a few days in Ottawa and the rest of the time in Markham.  It was quite a bit of driving, since we went to Markham first, then Ottawa, then back again to Markham, but we all had a good time so it was worth it.

In Ottowa, we visited my SIL June’s new place, helped her with a few things, and even got to see some model homes.  I have to admit, those homes are quite tempting; the layout, space and the price tag are so attractive.  If we found something like that here, for that price, we’d move next month.  However, it’s really hard to find new homes in our area, and the price we’d have to pay is at least one and a half times as much as what they’re charging up there.  Ah well, it’s nice to look at designed homes and plan for the future.

One of things we like best about our trips up north is that the kids get to spend time with their cousins and bond.  There’s now eight of them [including our three] with ages ranging from ten to one, but they all played nice [for the most part].  The boys even napped with their cousin, and Hong had a little sleepover one night.  I think the boys enjoyed hanging out with their elder cousins and I think our nephew enjoyed having a bui gor around.  The younger ones still need to work on their sharing and social skills, but I guess it’s to be expected since they’re still in the self-centered stage.

On a side note, for those looking for a good mobile messaging app, take a look at WhatsApp messenger.  You can send text, video, images, and audio for free and is available on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia.  I normally use it instead of text messaging since it doesn’t use up my text messages, and there are no charges for international texts.  It even has a group chat feature; I’d never used it before but my sister-in-laws and I definitely took advantage of it on the drive home.  We were chatting while Sam was driving, and I think by the end of it our chat session, Sam had 187 new messages to read.  Now, that’s a conversation!

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