Oh Canada

October 22nd, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

Last week, we made a trip to Canada to visit Sam’s family.  We don’t get to go up as frequently as we’d like so it was really nice to see everyone and spend some time together.  The day after we arrived, we had a birthday celebration for Sienna as well as for her cousins Anson and Aidan who share an October birthday [thanks Joyce for hosting and making the food as well as to Dai Ga who baked a cake for each celebrant].  The kids don’t see each other that much, but it was wonderful to see them get along so well.  Though it was probably more noisy than the adults would’ve liked, the kids loved playing and being crazy with each other.  I can only imagine the cacophany once the younger ones join in on the fun.

While there, we were treated to Thanksgiving dinner at my SIL Justine’s house, had lunch with Sam’s BF Mike where Sienna practiced her flirting skills, but mainly we just spent time with Sam’s family and made the occasional outing to Pac Mall, First Markham, and the Markville mall.  We really enjoyed the trip.  I know Sam really misses being home and spending time with his family and it’s great to see the kids build their relationships with their Ma-Ma, Ye-Ye, aunts, uncles and ever growing cousins ^_^  Hopefully we’ll get to visit them again sooner than later.

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