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When we were in Toronto, our niece Amelia surprised us with a story she had written for Sienna. Apparently, it’s one of a series of stories that features the new babies of the family as the protagonists. I misplaced it while packing but luckily found it last week and finally typed it up.

Worlds 1# Book is:
Rainbow Music the pet fairies
Sienna, The Puppy Fairy

Chapter 1: It’s raining puppies
“Oh no!” yelled Kirsity Tate. “It’s raining puppies!”
“What did you say?” said Rachel Walker.
“I said it’s raining puppies!”
“What raining puppies!”
“Yes!” Kirsity said. “We need to find out why is it raining puppies.
So Kirsity and Rachel went out the door to find why is it raining puppies.

Chapter 2: Hello Sienna!
As Kirsity went out with Rachel, Rachel said, “Hey there is a fairy sitting on a bench!”
“Let’s check it out!” said Kirsity.
“Hello friends” said the little fairy. “My name is Sienna, the puppy fairy.”
“why hello Sienna,” said the girls. “Why is it raining puppies”
“Jack Frost casted a spell on the fairies then it started raining puppies.”
“We have to stop Jack Frost before it gets worse!” said Rachel.

Chapter 3: Help us Sienna!
In fairy land all the fairies were worried!
“Everybodies counting on us. We need to do something! Here is some fairy dust to shrink us into fairies,” said Rachel and Kirsity.
“Here is Jack Frost’s castle!” said Sienna.
“Lets go in,” said Rachel and Kirsity.
“No,” said Sienna.
“Why?” the girls asked. “Because it is bad! We need to stop him from making puppies rain in our world!”
“O.K.” said Sienna. “Let’s go in.”
When they got in they saw the goblins and Jack Frost.
“Stop right there,” said Rachel.
“Break the spell now!” said Kirsity.
“Never” said Jack Frost.
“Then we will make you.” So Rachel took his wand by his hand and while Sienna and Kirsity was blocking his way from the wand and now Rachel broke the spell forever!
I’ll catch you next time.
The End

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  • Yes..Amelia and Amanda are both into those fairy books. I am glad that they have made them more imaginative and inspire to write.

  • Daiga.. yes.. i am very happy that Amelia and Amanda are willing to share their stories with me.. and I get to read them out. They have big imaginations.

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