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February 10th, 2011   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

As Hong will be a kindergartener next fall and subject to the school’s calendar, we decided to drive up to Canada for Chinese New Year last week. However, we were still unsure until almost the last minute whether we would actually be able to drive up because of the snow forecast. Thankfully, the roads weren’t bad and the snow was minimal so we made it to Markham safely and in good time. Unfortunately, Sam ended up having to do quite a bit of shoveling because while we were there, we got quite a bit of snow. It made me thankful for our community that we don’t have to do it ourselves.

Regardless of the snow, we still really enjoyed our time there. Everyone was home and the cousins were over frequently, so the house was always buzzing with activity. I have to admit at times the noise level got a little too loud for me, but the kids really loved playing with their cousins and we even had a dance club in the basement one day. I think the kids also enjoyed dressing up in their Chinese finery and receiving lai see (red evelope) for New Years. We actually had to rush out and buy Mui Mui’s outfit there but she loved it and couldn’t wait to put it on. I think she liked the how shiny it was, or maybe she’s just starting her love affair with fashion.

The only thing I didn’t like was that on CNY day, it was really difficult to find somewhere to go. We tried to go to Pacific Mall to see some Chinese activities that were planned, but it was ridiculous. I always thought Black Friday was a bad day to go to the mall, but at least there was always parking. At Pac Mall it was a wait to get into the mall area, and then here was no parking space available. Everyone basically had to circle around like vultures in the hopes that someone would leave and free up a space. We eventually just gave up and went to Markville Mall where it was just another normal shopping day.

Our last night there, we had a little celebration for all the February birthday celebrants. Everyone came over for dinner and had some cake. Happy birthday again to Samuel, Anson, Sephin, Amelia, and Magee.

Driving home, the forecast called for more snow, so after our usual stop at Salmon Run mall and the visit to the Perpetuball Motion Machine, we took the longer route home. Luckily, this meant we got to pass through the area where we used to live in NY, so we drove around and pointed out some places to the kids. Then we had dinner at Sam’s and my old “date” place, I-84 Diner. Funny enough, one of the owners was there and recognized us. She asked how we were doing and commented on our addition to the family. Sam and I have a theory about why she still remembers us, but anyway, it was still nice that she remembered and asked after us. Maybe we’ll take that route again next time. It was nice to see where Sam and I started our life together as a married couple.

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