March goodies

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School Stuff
This month, we had parent-teacher conferences for the boys and thankfully, they’re both doing really well. HH’s teacher tells us that he still needs to work on paying attention to her when they’re in a group, but overall he has improved. His reading level has moved from G to J, and his writing skills have gotten a lot better. Chinese school has probably helped with this, as he has to practice writing characters each week.

Actually, HH has really done well in Chinese school. Last term, he got 102.5 on his exam and his Chinese teacher is constantly praising his work. She always makes it a point to tell us that he’s doing really well and how he’s such a good boy. It’s nice to know, especially considering how he struggled so much last year. It seems like he really enjoys it now, and he loves to learn new words and then show his dad what he’s learned.

As for DD, his teachers always tell us how much they enjoy having him in the class. They told us that everyday, he comes in with a big smile and a “Good morning!”, which surprised us since we sometimes have to ‘encourage’ him to wake up and go to school. They also told us that he’s really showing a lot of progress in terms of his fine motor skills, speech, and handling his frustrations/disappointments.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to keep up their progress even though they’re home. I’ve been looking through Pinterest and have found some good resources to keep them busy as well as to give them some learning opportunities.

Cake and presents? Yes, please!
For my birthday this year, Sam and the kids surprised me with orchids. I’ve always wanted one, but have never bought one because I’d always heard that they were hard to take care of. However, I guess I talk about it enough that Sam decided to finally buy one for me. Thank you!!

Supposedly, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance – just five ice cubes per week and keep it in indirect sunlight. It’s very pretty; in the past couple of days, a bulb has already sprouted. Let’s just hope it lasts since I don’t really have a green thumb.

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