Hello piano

November 13th, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

We’ve been considering purchasing a piano and though we fell in love with an acoustic one last year, we settled on the Kawai CN42, a digital piano. We thought it would be a good starter piano for us. It has hammer action like an acoustic piano which will be important when the kids start learning piano but we can control the loudness of it and even hook headphones to it.

So far, we’ve been happy with it. The kids love turning it on and ‘playing’, especially the demos. Even Sienna fights to sit down and plunk on the keys. As for myself, I’ve been trying to find sheet music so I can play more. It’s been a while since I’ve played consistently so of course my skills are not as good as they were, but I’m hoping to get better. And I’ve got motivation.

One of the first songs I played was ‘Duel of Fates’ for Hong. When I finished, I said I needed practice and Hong said, “Yes, mom. Practice makes perfect.” Apparently, my playing didn’t do the song justice. Ah, well.. good thing my mom saved all our piano books. Now if only the kids will let me play by myself.

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