Family visit

May 19th, 2011   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

The drive from here to Canada is not the shortest so it’s always extra special when my in-laws come to visit. These past few days, Sam’s mom, his sister June and Joyce [with her family] have been staying with us and seeing the sights and sounds of our area. Unfortunately, the kids were all sick and Sam and I were starting to get sick so the timing could have been better, but we really enjoyed having them around.

We ended up doing a lot of shopping.. I guess it’s to be expected when the girls hang out, but options were slim since it rained most of the time. However, since it’s not Sam’s favorite activity and we wanted the kids to rest, I ended up showing them around more. Turns out, it really is a bonding experience.. hahaha.. but joking aside, it was nice having some personal time with his sisters. Usually when we get together, it’s in a big group so it’s not very conducive to talking but since it was just us, I was able to get to know them a little more. I even got to know my brother-in-law Samuel and nephew Anson a little more. I’m going to have to work on getting to know my niece Chloe, though. I think Sam may have scared her so now she’s wary around us.

Thanks again for visiting us. We know the drive is not the easiest, especially with two little kiddies. You’re more than welcome to come whenever you get a chance.

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