Chinese New Year and V-Day

February 16th, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   1 Comment

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone. Usually, New Year is spent with Sam’s family or by ourselves but now that we live closer to my family, this year we had my parents over for our New Year’s celebration. This made me a little nervous since I’m still working on my culinary skills. Sam is pretty honest about my cooking and the boys eat pretty much everything these days so I’m confident cooking for them. However, I’m never really sure how my food will be received by other people so I get a little anxious about it.

Our menu was dumplings, chicken and broccoli, seafood medley, sweet and sour beef, vermicelli, steamed fish, shrimp tempura, and rotisserie chicken. This seems like a lot especially when you consider it’s sometimes just us for NY, but Sam tells me this is typical and expected and you can’t complain about lots of good food. :] Overall, it went pretty smoothly; we had everything precut and prepped and my parents watched the kids so we were able to just concentrate on the cooking. The only thing we have to work on is timing since it took longer than we expected and we need to figure out how to keep everything hot until the last dish is done. Other than that, it was a success; my parents and the kids said the food was good and what more can you ask for than being able to please the palates of both adults and children.

Click here to view pictures of our New Year’s celebration.

Since we were concentrating on New Year’s so much, we didn’t really do much for Valentine’s Day but it was still nice just having an extended time together. I love you, Sam. I’m thankful every day that I have you in my life.

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  • Hongs looks like he is in deep thoughts… : )

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