My birthday and other happenings

March 27th, 2008   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

First off, thanks to everyone for all the birthday greetings. I turned the big 3-0 this year and though I can’t say I’m glad to say goodbye to my twenties, I love where I am today. I’m thankful for God’s faithfulness and many blessings through the years. He’s given me my best friend and husband, adorable sons, loving family and great friends. Anyway, now that I have a little time to myself, let me recap some stuff that’s happened.

Easter Weekend – Sam’s family came down to meet Sephin and to help celebrate his first month. Unlike Hong’s, this time I was able to see the red egg ceremony that Ma-gee performed for Seph though I have to admit I’m still not sure what the ceremony entails or symbolizes. But it was great seeing everyone again. Though it was a full since almost everyone + Mike came, I’m a firm believer in the more the merrier when it comes to family. It was especially nice seeing the cousins interact with each other; Hong and his biu jes really enjoyed their time together. Hong was so bereft when they left that he cried.

Tues, March 25 – My day turned out to be quite eventful, but ironically it had nothing to do with my birthday. For some reason, Hong woke up and had difficulty walking so we ended up at the pediatrician’s office. The ped couldn’t find anything wrong with him and since the leg had full mobility and there were no other symptoms, he sent us home and told us to give it another day. Thankfully, he started walking.. and running.. and jumping again by the end of the day. It was so scary seeing Hong like that; he’s such an active little boy so seeing him just sitting and depending on us to move him around was saddening. I admit I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to being sick, but I would gladly take any sickness as long as my kids are healthy. We’re still not sure what happened but we’re just glad Hong is back to normal.

Wed, March 26 – We had Sephin’s one month checkup and everything looks pretty good. Seph is now 9lbs 7.2ounces and 20.5 inches and though we still have a couple follow ups, the ped says they should be nothing. However, please pray for Seph that everything will come back fine.

Well, that’s it for now.. we have the ‘Seph’s and Steph’s Party’ on Saturday and Seph’s dedication on Sunday. Hopefully we’ll see everyone there.

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