Upside-down apartment

December 3rd, 2007   Stephanie   Life in General   No Comments

Last week was quite eventful for us. They’ve been remodeling the apartments at our complex since summer and they finally came and did ours on Wednesday, so you can imagine how busy we were moving furniture, appliances, dishes, etc. to make it easier for them. Surprisingly, they were able to finish in half a day so we now have a new kitchen and new bathrooms. Unfortunately, they were less than meticulous so we’re not completely happy with the changes and have to wait for them to come around to do some fixes/touch ups. Now, if only they’d finish our door as quickly.

The other major thing was more aggravating. We had an electrical issue at our building on Halloween and they put in a temporary fix so they scheduled a power outage on Thursday to put in the permanent fix. The outage was supposed to last from 9am-3pm so we thought we could wait it out at the apartment. However, the power was still not up by 4pm and Hong was starting to tire of our ineffective entertainment skills so we decided to kill time and go to the mall.

That turned out to be a good thing because by the time we drove back at 7pm, we got a call from management saying the power company had discovered some more problems and would not be turning the power back on that night. They offered to let us stay in another apartment, but we weren’t sure when power would be back up and didn’t want to be in an empty apartment for days without wireless connectivity cause of Sam’s job, so we declined. Thankfully it was early enough so we thought it best to drive down to South Jersey and wait for news there. It also gave Hong some extra time to be with his Lolo and Lola. Fortunately, by Friday afternoon, we got a call saying the power would definitely be back on that evening so we went back Saturday afternoon.

The main thing we’ve taken away from all these apartment irritations is that we need to have something in place in case something really bad happens. Though we’re only in a two bedroom apartment, we have a lot of stuff and we want to be sure that we’re able to save the really important stuff. To that end, we have some projects planned though hopefully we’ll never have to resort to them.

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