2000 days

January 28th, 2010   Stephanie   Life in General   2 Comments

Happy two thousand days to my dearest husband. In two thousand days, we’ve lived in three different homes and two different states, and had three beautiful kids. You’ve had three jobs, and I’ve had two maternity leaves then laid off. We’ve traveled and have now been to eight states together, sharing lots of car rides in I forget how many different cars. Our life together up til now has had it’s up and downs and there’s no one else I’d rather share those moments with than you. I love you, sweetheart. I look forward to spending more days with you and reaching more thousand days milestones together.

[edit] For our two thousandth day, we were able to do something we rarely do.. we went on a date without the kids. My sister, Marchesa, who is always very generous about watching the kids and my brother-in-law Perze came over to give us a little time to ourselves. I actually felt a little guilty since the boys usually like to go with us wherever we go, but they were quite enthusiastic about having their cousins over to play with and waved us off cheerfully. So we were able to have a nice dinner at an all-you-can-eat sushi place. It was really nice being able to just concentrate on ourselves and being together though I must admit the majority of our conversation was about the kids.

Thanks again to Chesa, Perze, Ate and even baby Zi who came to play with the boys. Thanks to Sam for the flowers and wonderful dinner; time with you is always fun.

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  • Congrats guys! You both look great after being together for 2000 days…no white hairs, scratches…just happiness!! You produced three beautiful and healthy children. We are very happy for you both!!!

  • Thanks Daiga, I actually got to primp a little more for our date. Otherwise you would’ve seen the uber “casual” look I usually sport. Hahaha.

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