Bedtime Routine Poster

October 13th, 2011   Stephanie   Kid Stuff   No Comments

I saw this on Pinterest a few months ago and I’ve been wanting to do something like it to help with getting the kids to bed.

For our poster, I was going to initially just add some characters that the kids currently like so that it would also act as a decoration for their room. However, after many tries, I still couldn’t find a way to execute it well so I started looking for ideas again. The best suggestion that I implemented was to use images of the step being performed. I thought this was really good for DD and MM since they can’t read yet; they could refer to the pictures to figure out what steps to do next. I also included numbers to help DD and MM with their numbers and number order.

To get to the finished poster, Sam and I had to figure out what steps we wanted to include. This sounds pretty simple, but when we wrote out their routine in detail, it was quite lengthy. They (as in everyone on the net) suggest no more than eight, so we narrowed it down to the eight steps the kids have to each night without fail. Then we took a lot of photos of the kids doing those steps. This step probably took the longest because I wanted to make sure I’d get at least one good picture so I wouldn’t have to do retakes. Then, using Photoshop, I put the pictures and text together, uploaded it and ordered the poster print. Thankfully, I had a coupon for a free 16×20 from Walmart, and the lady from Michael’s was nice enough to give me a 50% off coupon for the frame I bough, so the total project cost me a total of $8. Pretty good, eh?

So how did the kids do with this? I’d say it was very much a success. The only thing is that the framed poster is too high for DD to look at (he was climbing the table to get a better look) so we printed another poster to put right under the light switch so DD and MM can see it easily. The kids love going to the poster each time they finish a step to see what’s next and now, they’re pretty familiar with the routine and anticipate what’s next so I don’t have to struggle with making them do things. All in all, a great learning tool and a great project to involve the kids with.

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