Where art thou phone?

April 9th, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   1 Comment

Yesterday, while I was trying a new recipe, Hong decided to hide my phone/pda from me. Since the recipe was on the phone, I really needed it but I guess Hong was in the mood to play. Instead of giving the phone back, he started imitating Mommy instead. Our conversation went like this.

Me: Hong, where’s my phone?
HH: ‘Yon?
Me: Hong! Where’s my phone?!
HH: ‘Yon?!
Me: Hong!!
HH: Hong!!
Me: Where’d you put my phone?
HH: Where?
Me: Yes, where’d it go?!
HH: Where it go?!
Me: Hong!! Please!!
HH: Hong! Peesh!!

Our conversation lasted much longer than this, but you get the picture. Of course, whenever Hong decides to be cute even while frustrating me, I can’t help but smile. Since this instance was no different, I started smiling which didn’t help since he smiled back and resumed our ‘conversation’. Sam was trying to film Hong at this point, and we looked at each other and started laughing. Hong never did get around to giving me my phone. I had to resort to calling myself and guess where it was.. the refrigerator. Ah, kids.. they’re so funny sometimes.

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  • hahaha…we did post conversations on the same day! odd…

    awe. i can picture hongs doing this when i read the blog. made me miss him…he’s all about the fun, man.

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