Sienna at 5 months

March 11th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   2 Comments

Graphic cred:  Smooth Sailings Design | Andrea Rascaglia | Shannon JacksonHappy five months to Sienna.

Our little girl is getting bigger each day and starting to show her personality. She’s awake a lot more, with quick naps throughout the day and then a few hours sleeping intervals at night. She’s really sweet, always smiling really big or giggling when she sees us. These days she’s using her hands a lot more; she likes to eat her hands or grabs at her feet. You can see I caught her in action the other day :] She’s also started to grab onto things.. our fingers, my hair, her toys, and sometimes our food which I guess is good since it’s almost time for her to start her journey of solids.

She’s also working her legs these days as we’ve put her in an exersaucer. This exersaucer has been through five kids between my sister and I so it’s definitely a good investment. Anyway, she doesn’t like to sit in it for too long but I think it’s because she doesn’t know how to play with all the elements there yet. I notice she lasts a little longer when she discovers something new, like how turning a page or pressing a button makes music. Then she looks fascinated.

Her other new thing is she’s accomplished flipping onto her stomach. She’s been teasing us the past couple of weeks because she’d roll almost all the way and then get stopped by her arm. Last night, she finally figured out how to do it. She woke up crying and when I went to check on her, I found her on her tummy. We’ll need to keep a closer eye on her now that she’s becoming more mobile. And in a few months, she’ll be crawling.. then cruising.. then walking. Amazing.

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  • awww.. ru guys coming down this weekend? i wanna see her! please!!!! lol

  • i LOVE the new layout!!!

    i LOVE sienna’s picture. she looks soooo beautiful and she changes every time i see her. 🙂 happy 5 months little one.

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