Sienna at three months

January 12th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

When I first had Hong, I was a little overwhelmed and I remember my sister saying “Just get to three weeks..” When I got to that marker, she said “Just get to three months” and so for each child, I’ve always looked forward to reaching the three month milestone. For Sienna, her third month has really made her more interactive. She smiles back when you smile at her and laughs when you laugh. There are many times when I catch her gazing up at me and when she sees me looking back, she’ll smile. Her neck is more stable, she’s starting to shift her body around more, and she sometimes blows raspberries. Before you know it, she’ll be rolling around and babbling a lot. 🙂

Her best friends are her brothers; you can tell she finds them fascinating. Whenever they go up to her, she watches them and luckily for me, when she’s crying, sometimes their presence alone comforts her. The other thing that seems to fascinate her is the tv. Though she doesn’t like her papasan as much as she used to, she consents to stay there for a little while if there’s an interesting show on. Thankfully she seems to enjoy the same shows her kuyas like.

Happy three months Sienna. I’m looking forward to the next few months and seeing how you continue to thrive and grow.

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