Sienna @ 8 months

June 11th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Happy eight months little girl!

These days, Sienna is quite the mover. She’s now able to pull herself up so we’ve moved her lower in her crib to prevent her from falling out. She’s still scooting, but she has mastered it and enjoys her freedom. She moves really quickly and now likes to scoot everywhere. In the mornings, she usually gets out of bed and scoots to her brothers room. Good thing all three are more morning people than their mom so when I wake up, it’s usually to the sounds of giggles and chatter.

Sienna’s also added sitting up by herself to her list of skills. A couple weeks ago, while playing with her brothers, I guess she thought it looked more fun to be sitting around rather than sprawled on the floor so next thing we knew, she was sitting up and looking quite proud of herself. Luckily, my iPhone was handy so I could mark the momentous occasion. Since then, she’s constantly sitting up as if to show us “Look, I’m a big girl now.” Here are the three kids celebrating her accomplishment.

Lastly, she’s still waiting for some teeth to sprout so we’re still staying mainly on baby food. Thankfully she seems to be a good eater and not a picky one so we’ve gotten through all the veggies, chicken, turkey, and a couple of the fruits. Next on her menu are the beef options so by the time her teeth come in, she should be ready for anything.

On a side note, happy belated birthday to my dad [0608] and my sister-in-law Justine aka Dai ga [0529] and early birthday greetings to my sisters-in-law Karen [0614] and June [0626]. Lastly, belated happy father’s day to all the dad’s out there, especially to my dad, Sam, and my brothers-in-law Perze, Dickens, and Samuel. Thanks for all that you do for your kids.

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