Sienna @ 11 months

September 13th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Happy 11 months to Sienna. It’s her last month as an infant since she’ll be celebrating her first birthday next month but I think I’ll hold off on calling her a “toddler” for maybe another two months. I’m not quite ready for my baby to be so grown up.

These days, Sienna’s getting longer and slimming down more, probably due to all her crawling and standing/bouncing. She’s started cruising a bit but she still relies on crawling to get to places. However she is much more confident and crawls everywhere. She now comes over to us when we call her but she also wants it to be reciprocal as she sometimes motions for us to come to her. It would be sassy except that she usually smiles when she’s doing it and rewards us with hugs and pats on the back when we comply. She waves hi and bye and will lean over when someone wants to kiss her. She also bounces a lot or moves side to side whenever a good song/beat is on.

Sienna only has three teeth [the two bottom and an upper one which just sprouted] but you’d think she had a lot more with the way she eats; it seems like she’s eating almost as much as the boys sometimes. She prefers table food over her jar foods which is nice because it makes meal planning and even eating out easier. However, I sometimes sneak in jar food since I overstocked them and just add rice. Luckily she still eats it but then she’s generally pretty good about eating whatever we give her; she eats veggies, pastas, meats, breads, soups. However, we have to be more mindful these days because ever since she mastered putting food in her mouth, everything is fair game.. string, food that fell on the floor, toys, electronics etc.

Speaking of electronics, she’s started showing off that she knows how to use them. She tries to get to dad’s home theatre stuff, fights for control of the remote, and swipes at our iphones. I think it’s probably because she sees her big brothers doing it and wants to be a big girl herself. She really loves playing with her brothers and it’s great to see how much they really love her. Sephin and Hong usually try to take care of her.. they make her smile and laugh, they feed her snacks, and kissing her goodnight is now a part of their good night routine. Sephin is especially protective, and gets concerned when she’s crying and loves to make her giggle while Hong tries to treat her like a big girl and have conversations with her.

Sienna’s friendly with most people and she’s become friends/playmates with her cousins [even though I think she’s still a little wary of her Ate Zi who thinks of her as her baby] but she really LOVES being her dad. Whenever she sees him, she perks up and she’ll crawl to him or leans over to request to be held. Such a daddy’s girl!

Happy eleven months baby girl. Just a little more and you’ll be ONE.

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