Seph’s 2 months

April 21st, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   2 Comments

Today, Seph reached his two month mark and boy has he grown! At his one month check up, he was 9 lbs 2oz, and was 20.5 inches long. Last week, he was 11lbs 12.5 oz so by now he should be around 12lbs. Wow! He’s such a chubby baby.. gotta love it.

These days, he still does a lot of sleeping though unfortunately, not through the night. However, we can somewhat see a pattern and he’s usually good for longer periods of sleep at night, so I thankfully have a few hours of sleep. When he is awake, he smiles quite a bit at us and likes to make cooing sounds but we’ve noticed that the person he loves to look for most is Hong. Every time he hears Hong or sees him, he usually turns to that side and it seems as if he’s trying to follow him with his eyes. He tries to imitate us when we stick out our tongue, but he hasn’t been able to completely do it; he just looks like he’s licking his lips.

This past month, due to the nice weather, we were also able to take him out with us a few times. The first time we took him out was late March to the mall, but I guess he found it to be boring since he slept through pretty much all of it. We’ve taken him to Sam and my ‘date’ place |the I-84 Diner| and Hudson’s Buffet for his 2nd month |yum| and both times, he slept through most of it. He even falls asleep during our evening walks around our apartment complex. I guess he’s just not impressed with our choice of outings, though at least it’s easier for us to go out. I’m sure it will be more difficult for us when he’s awake more and less patient with being stationary.

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  • awe te. he looks like the hongs when hong was his age! you grow em plump doncha???????

    can’t wait to see him again.

  • Haha. I seem to remember a chubby Em as well. But yeah, gotta love the chubby cheeks and thighs.

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