Sephin at four months

June 21st, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Happy four months to our baby boy, Seph.

Seph at 4 months Seph at 4 months

At four months, Seph is a cheerful little boy who giggles and smiles quite easily. so you can imagine how easily he can charm those around him.  He doesn’t cry much, usually just to let us know he’s either hungry or tired and thankfully, Sam and I have deciphered which cry means ‘pick me up, now’ and which one means ‘It’s ok, I don’t like being in my crib, but I’ll eventually sleep’.  However, he still seems to sleep quite a lot though maybe it just seems like that because he sleeps more during the day and then wants to stay up til the early morning.

In terms of milestones, Seph can see a lot further and smiles at us, even from a few feet away.  He’s taking in a lot more of his surroundings and now interacts more with his toys.  He especially enjoys swatting at his toys on his playmat and hearing them jingle.  His head is a lot more stable, though sometimes it still bobbles but just a bit.

Seph’s also started spending time in an exersaucer so that he gets used to being in a vertical position, and to give him a chance to use more of his muscles.  At first, he just sat in it, while Hong ‘demonstrated’ the various toys but now he enjoys pushing the buttons and making music.

The biggest thing is that just today, he flipped over.  He’s been turning all over the place, doing acrobatic turns on his playmat and even in bed so we knew it would be just a little while before he turned over.  Tonight, while Seph was doing his usual turns on his playmat he rolled onto his stomach!  I was so surprised I shouted, which scared him and he flipped back again.  His arm was still under him but he was fully on his stomach, though it was so quick we almost missed it.  Now, Seph is trying to perfect his newest trick; any time he’s on his back, he tries to flip again.

To see him in action, click for videos below:
Seph on his exersaucer

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