Seph at Three Weeks

March 13th, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

It’s been three weeks since Seph joined us and we are still getting used to each other. He’s filled out, and is now a big boy at 7lbs 2oz |as of this Monday|. He also still has jaundice, but thankfully it’s going down steadily so it should only be a matter of time before it’s completely gone.

These days, he sleeps a lot, which is normal for newborns and really only wakes up to eat. He also purses his lips to give us a cute look, but the cutest are the smiles he gives us now and then. Though it’s not a true smile in that it’s involuntary, it’s still beautiful to see. We can already tell this one is also going to be a charmer.. watch out girls!

Anyway, this past Tuesday, my parents, my sister Marchesa, and my niece Emma came to visit and see the baby’s growth. While I was making lunch, they had a photoshoot with Sephin. Since Seph had jaundice and was sleeping a lot, I wasn’t able to take too many pictures of his early days so I was quite thankful for the pictures. This is one of my favorites. Hong doesn’t really like taking pictures with Seph yet so this was a great way to have a picture with both of my boys. 🙂

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