Seph at three months

May 21st, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   2 Comments

Happy three months to our little boy, Sephin.Seph at three months

At three months, he’s a cheerful chubby baby who smiles and giggles a lot. He’s more alert and aware of people and his surroundings. He moves around a lot that sometimes it seems like he’s going to flip early cause he always turns to his side. However, I’m sure it’ll take him a little while longer to figure out how to get past his arm. He has yet to sleep through the night, though he does sleep a longer period of time so I can get a little more uninterrupted sleep. Unfortunately, he seems to be a night owl more than an early bird so it’s not until the early morning that he decides to settle down for the night. It’s not so bad though when I see him look at me and give me his beautiful smiles.

This past week, he’s been enjoying the attention of family here in Canada but he’s been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. Thankfully, he’s still a pretty happy baby during the days; it’s only at night that you can really tell he’s sick cause he has a difficult time sleeping. Unfortunately, he’s too young so we can’t give him anything to alleviate his discomfort so we’re hoping he recovers soon. Please keep him in your prayers so he gets better soon.

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  • awe…he looks chubbier now compare to the last time we saw him.

    see you guys soon.

    hugs from ninong rog & tita leila,

  • yeah, he’s definitely getting bigger. he’s 13lbs 13oz these days and outgrowing his clothes. 🙂

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