Say cheese.. or Tron Legacy!!

October 20th, 2011   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

HH and DD took their school pictures the second or third week of school so we’ve been excitedly awaiting their arrival. Yesterday, HH came home and said to Sam, “hey hey hey.. look what i got!” Today, DD came home with his as well.

Don’t they look handsome!! Wow, their first school picture. It’s amazing how quickly time passes. This marks the beginning of their school life, and what a way to mark their milestone. DD is sporting his signature grin, and HH looks like he’s going to laugh; he’s so amused. Probably because right before they took the picture, he said “Tron Legacy” instead of “Cheese”.

Why Tron Legacy? He sometimes smiles a little crooked when asked to smile on command, so we told him to think of something that made him happy and would guarantee a smile. So now when he has to smile, he says “Tron Legacy” and it definitely seems to work. Thank goodness, I always hated retakes.

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