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April 14th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   2 Comments

Seph’s been coughing a little bit the past couple of days and last night, he vomited in the car. Then, when I was putting Sienna to bed, she regurgitated what looked like everything she ate. And so it was another rough night at the Ng household. Hong and Seph had what seemed to be a stomach virus last month and it seems like it’s made its way back to us again. Ugh, didn’t we have our turn already? It seems like sicknesses just keep going round and round or maybe it’s because once one of the kids get better, another one gets sick and it seems never-ending. But then, as Sam said, hopefully their immune systems get so strong that they’ll be really healthy when they’re older. Let’s hope last night was the worst and they’re all better soon, like tomorrow. I hate seeing the kids suffer.

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  • at their age, the germs just seem to recycle. i agree that this may make their immune system stronger. when they hit kindergarten, there’ll be a new set of germs to bring home. *groan* i know. 🙁

    are the kids taking anything for the stomach virus?

  • Make sure they have the covers on at night…kids like to kick the covers off when they get hot and then don’t put them back when they get cold…Mun Mun is like that and she sleeps curled up like a shrimp. If they are hot…tell them to only stick their feet out. Always cover the tummy at a minimal.

    Dab a little white flower oil on their chest and tail bone to try alleviate wind causing the cough — I am assuming they have dry coughs. And remember for dry coughs avoid cold foods like ice cream, salad, juice (yes, juice from the fridge) and fruits like banana and orange. They will recover sooner if you do not give them those foods. No matter how tempting. And give this a week.

    Get some rest…mommy and daddy too! : )

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