Party and dedication

April 1st, 2008   Stephanie   Life in General, Three best friends   No Comments

This past weekend was Seph and my party celebrating his arrival and as well as my 30th.. err 27 years + 36 months. We hadn’t been to SJ since Christmas so even with all busyness, it was nice to be home again. We wish we could come down more frequently, but now with two kids, it’s more difficult/complicated to travel. As it was, the drive down to SJ was the first long drive for Seph. Fortunately, he seems to be fond of car rides since he slept the whole way down. Hopefully this trend continues as we’ll be making several long distance trips this summer.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who came to celebrate my milestone birthday and to introduce baby Sephin. Also, parties are a lot of fun, but the work that goes into it is a lot as well, so thanks especially to my family for the planning and work. The food was great |my parents are great cooks|.. and the company was great |though I was disappointed with all the double bookings|. In all my conversations though, I noticed the theme of ‘getting older’ kept popping up. Appropriate, I guess, since I’m another year older but it was interesting that our conversations were all grown up.. weddings, kids, etc but it was also nice reminiscing with friends about our younger days. Even after all these years, our antics never fail to make me laugh. All in all, it was a great time to see everyone and catch up.

Sunday was also nice since it was Sephin’s dedication. We’re so thankful and humbled that God has entrusted this little boy into our care. We just pray that we will be able to raise and guide Sephin in the way He intends. Thanks to those who agreed to help us along the way by becoming Seph’s godparents. I know that he will be blessed to have you in his life.

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