New beginnings…

September 8th, 2008   Sam   Life in General, Three best friends   1 Comment

I started my first week at my new job.   So far it has been a bit slow as I am still getting my system ids and access granted, but its been pretty good overall.

i don’t get much vacation this year as a result of starting a new job so close to the year end, but my bosses has been good to me about time off.

Unfortunately, all these great things about working in the big city comes with a few disappointments.   First off, the commute is quite lengthy..  and I have to be awake and to bed a lot earlier than I am used to.   This also means that I don’t get to eat with my family as they already have eaten by the time I come home.   Another sad event is that I miss playing with the babies like when I was home before.   Hongs has had trouble with me not being available to him when he wakes from his afternoon nap.. but I guess he’s being a big boy about it.. and tries not to cry.

Hongs language development has been awesome..   and I am so proud of him..  on a recent grocery trip..  he was telling me that he wanted to help with the putting away the groceries in the cart..  and he was able to communicate that to me in chinese..   which I am very happy to know..  as I have been deseparately trying to teach him as much chinese as I can possibly get before he is “untaught” by the large western influences.

He said to me over the phone that I am silly today..   I asked him why..  and he said because i make him laugh and he was crying this morning.  This boy is definitely a silly little baby!

As for Sephin..   its too bad I will miss much of his begininning motor development..   he’s slowly trying to inch forward and perform some minor crawling..  and he can sit a bit..  He obviously loves giggling and laughing a lot.

This weekend, I will try to get some time together to spend with the boys… probably take them to the park or someplace so that mom gets a bit of R&R in.

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  • hi kuya sam. it’s good you get to document this about your boys…it’s a difficult beginning with a change in jobs, but it’ll get better.

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