Le Petit Prince vs Tron & Superman

May 26th, 2011   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

The kids always love dressing up for Halloween so the conversation of costumes come up quite frequently. This year, Hong wants to go as Sam Flynn from Tron and Dai Dai has decided to reprise his role as Superman. In order to prepare, I’ve been looking online to look for ideas since creativity is key when putting together costumes that are a good representation of the character as well as being economical [translation: the kids’ think it’s like the actual character but at a low cost].

During my browsing, I came upon a costume of Le Petit Prince [The Little Prince] and also came across someone’s cosplay of the characters from the book.

Le Petit Prince Poet Coat Le Petit Prince by *behindinfinity The Little Prince by *behindinfinity

*Drool* I used to watch The Little Prince cartoons when I was young and enjoyed reading it in French class so I’ve always wanted to get that coat for Hong or Dai Dai to wear. Then after seeing those cosplay pictures, we could do a theme and have one of them go as the Little Prince, the Pilot or the Fox, and Mui Mui as the Rose. Unfortunately, it’s a no go.

Tonight at dinner, I asked the kids how they felt about going as the Little Prince, the Pilot, and the Rose but Hong told me he was going as Sam Flynn, and Dai Dai as Superman. I jokingly told them that they’d have to make their own costumes since I was only making the Little Prince costumes. Hong told me I had to make his costume and when I still said no, he said something I couldn’t dispute. He reminded me that I had promised him that I would make his Sam Flynn costume this year. So that’s that. However, I did get him to concede that next year, he would go as the Little Prince. That gives me another year to work on Dai Dai and hopefully Mui Mui will still let me choose her costume then.

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