“Ichi Wong”

February 13th, 2008   Sam   Three best friends   1 Comment

hongichi.jpgFor the last few weeks I have been taking over the duties of putting Hongs to bed at night. The first few nights he would scream for his mom, but eventually he warmed up to the thought of having dad in the room with him. One night, during one of his outburst for his mom.. i told him to be quiet because his stuffed animal Simba was sleeping.. Simba’s name in Chinese is “See Gee Wong”.. which literally translates to “Lion King”.. so everynight since then.. Hongs has been calling for “Ichi” or “Ichi Wong”.. and Hongs makes sure that he stays quiet at night because he doesn’t want to disturb “Ichi” in bed.

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  • maybe you should name baby 2 Ichi Wong…

    although i have NO idea what that may translate into.

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