Hong’s 27th month

April 17th, 2008   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Today, Hong turned 27 months old or 2 1/4 years old. He’s learning a lot these days.. adding more and more words to his vocabulary and is able to differentiate between blue, red, orange, and green. He still adores music as evinced in his playing his drums all over the place, singing various songs ranging from Disney lullabyes to Sam Hui, and dancing.

He’s familiar with counting 1-5 in English but prefers to do so in Cantonese, though he tends to skip from 2 straight to 5. He’s beginning to become familiar with a lot of his ABCs, though he’s only mastered A, B, S, O, and M so far. Recently, to foster his ABC learning, we’ve been going to Bembo’s Zoo which is a cool little flash application of the alphabet. He loves clicking the letters and watching the letters form a picture of the zoo animal. Now if I can only find something that fun for numbers.. reading.. and maybe later on, for physics and calculus.

Behavior-wise, Hong is testing his boundaries more frequently than we’d like, which bring us a lot of frustration, but he’s also showing more affection, bestowing kisses to us and Sephin. He enjoys knowing he’s a big boy and is trying to be more independent by walking on his own, feeding himself, and helping out around the house. And though he still has moments where he’d prefer Seph stay sleeping, we can tell he likes having Seph around. He likes to make sure we have the Bjorn when we go out, that Seph is buckled in in his car seat, and that he can see Seph during the car ride.  He’s even claimed the responsibility for burping Sephin.

All in all, though we can see Hong has moved onto the “terrible two’s”, he’s still a very adorable little boy. We just pray that God will continue to guide us as we parent him.

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