Hong Hong turns 4

January 17th, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   2 Comments

Wow, how time really flies. I can’t believe our Hong Hong is four. As a baby, he was quick to smile, loved to entertain, and was very loving. As a four year old, he still has an infectious smile and is quite a talker. He still loves to entertain people but now he’s more imaginative and loves pretend. He’s a caring big brother who always gives up his toys to his Dai Dai and loves to help take care of his Mui Mui.

These days, he loves to use our iphones.. either listening to his songs of the moment or playing games. His playlist ranges from Taylor Swift to Freddie Aguilar to Alvin and the Chipmunks to Hanson. He’s quite adept at maneuvering around the applications and it’s also great to see he’s actually working on his spelling/reading while doing so.

His other favorite past time is playing Jedi with Sam and Seph. For Christmas we couldn’t resist buying him the Yoda Lightsaber and he carries it around with him constantly throughout the day. Then when Sam comes home, there’s always a Jedi fight between the three of them and now he wants a double lightsaber.. or more specifically “two Yoda lightsabers with a Darth Maul coupler.” Can you tell he’s on youtube frequently? Haha.

Happy birthday Hong.. we love you lots.

Anyway, thanks to those who called/posted to the birthday boy and especially to my family who came up to help celebrate his birthday. I’ll post the pictures soon.

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  • Wow…I can’t believe Hong Hong is 4. I think he gets the talker from Sam. Sam’s teachers, in grade school, used to say that he would help other kids with school work and then forget his own work. Why? cause his talking distracted him from finishing his own work. : )

    Hong Hong is getting the techy-savvy just like his parents!!! You are going to be better at this than the biu jes!!! Hong will have to give the biu jes some lessons on sharing…hehehe..

  • hongs always has the best smiling pictures. happy birthday hongs. we love you and your infectious personality!

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