Hong and Wall-e

June 29th, 2008   Sam   Three best friends   4 Comments

Hong and I with Wall-EToday I took Hong to his first movie experience.  He hasn’t been bugging to go, but I thought it would be fun to take him to see a movie and see his face when he sees how large the screen is.

We went to see Wall-E.. mainly because Hong loves it when the commercials come on, and he likes the music.

I was preparing for the worst as Hong doesn’t sit still through even his own cartoons at home..  but I was pleasantly surprised that he actually sat on my lap and watched the entire movie.  He talked throughout the movie by asking me a lot of questions and pointing out the obvious.  It’s these conversations that you really cherish with children. I really enjoyed seeing his face light up with excitement when he saw the little toy robot Wall-E come on the screen and he would say.. “Wall-E..   its Wall-E, Dad!”   and I would reply.. “yes it is Wall-E.”  and he would just go.. “Wall-E..  its Wall-E”.    I guess he didn’t know this entire feature was about this robot Wall-E..  because in practically every scene that Wall-E disappeared and then re-appeared..  he would tell me again as if I wasn’t paying attention. In all honesty..  I really could not pay attention to the movie as I was also the excited kid watching Hong Hong enjoy the movie. =)

Near the end credits Hong wanted to run down the aisle a bit, so I allowed him to stretch his legs out.

To commemorate the occassion, the theatre handed out wristwatches (blue rubberband watches) that had some engraving (Disney/Pixar and Wall-E)..  Stephanie also ran out and got him a Wall-E t-shirt, which he was very happy to wear.

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  • aww.. his first movie 🙂 such a big boy now..

  • And in matching Boston Red Sox caps! Did Sam Sr. get a Wall-E t-shirt? 🙂

  • awe. Wall-E .ahahahaha…he’s such a big boy going to his first movie!!!

  • Yeats – I did look for a Wall-E shirt for Sam but couldn’t find one. 🙁

    Chesa – Maybe Hong and Em can watch a movie together.. will have to keep an eye out for one both would be interested in.

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