Happy birthday, Hong!

January 19th, 2012   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

生日快樂 康

Wow.. my HH is six! His birthday this year was on a Tuesday, so we had a few mini activities to commemorate his birthday. Wednesday, January 11th was his Lunar birthday so we went out to Red Lobster. Saturday, he had Chinese school so we brought in some birthday snacks for the kids. Sunday, we celebrated with my family at Funplex by bowling and playing some games. On his birthday, his class celebrated with a chocolate cupcake cake, and then our family had ice cream cake with dinner.

I’m so proud of my little boy and am amazed at how he’s grown. He’s doing well in school, though he’s still working on paying attention to the teacher and to the work he’s doing. His reading is continuously improving and I love how he likes to learn new words; he’s not shy at all about sounding out new words and surprisingly, is usually right, and if he doesn’t know what a word means, he always asks. As for his writing, my lola would probably make him do it more for practice, but it’s actually cute to see his kiddy handwriting. It’s also really nice whenever he comes home with projects and most especially crafts/notes he writes for us.

In his spare time, he’s obsessed with Beyblade. He’s always trying to get everyone to play and I think his goal is that everyone he knows gets a bey so he can battle with them. He’s faithful to wake up everyday at 7:30am so he can get his Beyblade fix and he loves to learn all about the different types of beys and what makes a good bey. He’s starting to remind me of how Sam is with baseball; he knows a plethora of knowledge about Beyblade. Meanwhile, I can barely remember which is which and have to refer to them in terms of colors. Haha. Ah well, it’s great to see him so excited and as the beys are actually made with science in mind, at least there’s a learning component to them.

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