HH’s graduation

June 11th, 2012   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

Congratulations, HH!

This past Saturday, HH had his kindergarten graduation from Chinese Heritage School of NJ. He got an award for placing second in his class and also for Perfect Attendance.

HH has come a long way from when he first began CHS, and we’re so proud of what he’s accomplished. His teacher says he’s always ready with an answer, is quick to grasp the lessons, and is a good student. Especially considering he’s the youngest in the class, it’s quite an achievement.

It’s another milestone for HH, and I can’t help but remember my own Kindergarten graduation so many years ago. I still remember so much of that day and it’s kind of crazy to think of how HH will be when he gets to be my age. How much will he remember of this day, and what experiences will he have accumulated at that point. It’s a little mind boggling.

Anyway, great job, HH! We’re so proud of you.

For more pics, click here: HH’s CHS Graduation. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good one of him marching down the aisle. I was looking through the camera lens and missed him.

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