Happy Halloween

November 1st, 2010   Stephanie   Three best friends   No Comments

As the kids get older, Halloween becomes a little more involved but also a little more fun.

Hong has been enamored with Star Wars for a while now but this year, he became quite impressed with Darth Maul. We’re not sure if it’s his red skin and ‘pokies’, his moves, or if it’s just his cool dual lightsaber but Hong really wanted to be him this year. So here he is in full costume. I made the robe and faux tabard, and the make up/horns are all thanks to dad. We had considered not doing the whole makeup but Hong (and dad) wanted to be authentic and thankfully, we were able to find kid’s facepaint so we went ahead with it. I think it turned out really well. The look is Hong channeling Darth Maul; he actually spent some time practicing his menacing look and then asking if we’re scared. ^_^

Dai Dai decided to go as Superman. He’s been pretty obsessed with cars and trains this year so I was a little surprised, but I guess it can’t beat being a cool super hero who can fly. Or maybe it’s the flapping cape. Either way, he was adamant about being Superman and loved wearing the costume. He also loved going trick or treat. He was a little shy with the first house we went to, but after that, he was our leader. He had no fear going from house to house and he wanted to go to each and every house. And once he got his candy, he was on the move again. He moved so quickly because he was so eager to get to the next house that we had to sometimes chase after him and slow him down. He was so excited to go door to door. If the weather was warmer, he probably would’ve fought harder to stay out longer.

As for Mui Mui, for her first trick or treating experience, we decided to have her go as a cat. Doesn’t her picture seem so catlike? Thanks to Chesa and Zi for lending her the hat. She really had a good time trick or treating. I think she was a little confused about what we were doing going to strange houses, but by the end of the night she was a pro. She would watch as her brothers got their candy and then she would hold our her hand. Ironically, people are really generous with babies so they would hold out the candy container so she could reach in. Then she’d start to reach in, pause, look at the person as if to make sure it was really ok to get candy and then finally reach in to grab one. It was actually really cute. You could tell she really wanted her candy but wanted to be sure first.

Overall, it was a really nice Halloween. Maybe next year, Sam and I can join in an dress up as well. Maybe we could all go as a theme.. Backyardigans, anybody?

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